10 Things You Did Not Know About Jane Austen

1. The larger half of letters were destroyed by Austen`s family. Most of them were addressed to her oldest sister Cassandra, they had very tender relationships. After jane`s death, Cassandra burnt most of the letters probably due to their family secrets not to become a public fare.

2. Her first novel was sold to the publisher for 10 pounds only. The first book, which was written by Jane Austen at a mature age called Lady Susan. It was included to Northanger Abbey later. She got 10 pounds only for this story. By today`s standards, it is 300-350 American dollars.

3. Most of her heroines had coquette adventurous nature of her cousin. Meet Eliza de Feuillide, Austen`s charming cousin and sister-in-law. A flourish coquette Eliza is a prototype of Mary Crawford from Mansfield Park.

4. Her loving brother Henry had an unexpected relations with a royal family. The first actual Jane`s biographer after she died Henry Thomas Austen was not only very close to his sister, he also could boast with a very interesting life of his own. At different periods of his life, he was a soldier, a banker, a churchman. He baptized queen`s Victoria cousin Duke of Cumberland.

5. Searchers disputed stormily about her private life. there was an accident when Jane`s nephew made a sarcastic notice that she has never fallen in love but other parties in interest suppose that there were many emotional attachments in her life. Contemporary academics though jumped with a conclusion that Austen was unlikely ever in intimacy with a man.

6. Even though Bath plays a role in two novels written by Austen she seems to never love this city. When Jane was 25, her parents made a decision to move to Bath. She did not write much there and some even took a guess that she was in a deep depression while staying there.

7. hen Jane and Cassandra were in their teen years, together they were working on satiric history of England. They were working upon England`s history, a short, sarcastic, illustrated version of their country`s history. Jane was writing a parody while Cassandra was drawing illustrations to support it.

8. Austen accepted a marriage proposal once just so she could deny it the next day. Austen probably has never been married but gentlemen of that time definitely paid attention to her. When she was 27, she got proposed by a 21 year old childhood friend. She accepted the proposal but said no the very next day.

9. Her friend`s husband John Parker was probably a prototype of Mr. Darcy. It could be so that Austen was inspired by John Parker`s image when she was creating her handsome, thoughtful hero. Parker is presumptively a powerful estate`s owner where Jane was writing Pride And Prejudice and was married to one of Austen`s friends.

10. One of Austen toys is for sale at present time. If you feel like joining in a real history of literature, you may place a bet and buy a bilboquet Jane used to play being a child. The lot is set in auction house in Sotheby.

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