12 Great Tips and Tricks to Vape Safely and Effectively

Nowadays, most people are interested in vaping and purchasing their own vaping kits. Though this is considered to be a safe alternative than smoking, it brings with it own hazards. Go through this blog to know about some tips and tricks on how to vape safely to enjoy your great experience.

Charge device with the charger of your manufacturer – Though you may feel tempted to charge your vape by using any charger, it is suggested to choose manufacturer’s charger given with the device. This ensures your charger is compatible with your vape’s battery. You should not leave the vage plugged in and forget to follow the instructions that came with the kit.

Check the quality of your battery – Many vape kits and devices are available with powerful lithium-ion batteries. They may have specific batteries that should be used with your type of device. Obviously, you do not want to use an inexpensive battery or the one that has not been recommended for your device as this increase the chances of having problems in future. You should conduct proper research and look for the product recalls that are related with the battery you want to use.

Keep proper level of hydration – You might be surprised how people allow themselves to stay dehydrated. If you vape for a long time, then this may make you feel dehydrated. It will take away some moisture from the body and so, you need to get it replaced by keeping the intake of fluid level high.

Treat eliquid with proper care – Eliquid may be risky due to its chemical properties. Nicotine is a kind of poison and storing eliquid in an inappropriate way may cause dangerous situations. When you handle UK made eliquid, it does not soak into your skin and you store it at an appropriate temperature.

Clean your battery terminal – You should spend time in cleaning your mod’s battery terminal in every few weeks. This can help in improving the performance of your device as there should not be any layer of dirt and dust between the device and the battery. You may clean it gently by using alcohol wipes till you do not find any residue.
Stop dry burning your coils – Dry burning is pressing button but you do not have an e-liquid while doing so. A lot of vapers dry burn their coils to ensure they are getting an appropriate distribution of temperature though this may affect metal structure of your device. The temperatures may get by almost 1,290°F or 700°C easily which is not at all good for the durability of your mod.

Evaluate heat of your device – Getting too hot may be dangerous for you and your device. If you use your mod regularly and find that it is getting extremely warm to the touch or very hot to hold, stop using it immediately. Batteries tend to be very hot if you overwork them and they may even vent or explode. Venting means that your battery is releasing dangerous fumes and this is actually an attempt to cool down.

Apart from the ones discussed above, your kit will have a user manual that describes about the kind of charging port you need to effectively and safely charge your mod’s battery. You do not want to stick it into any USB port as this will have a negative impact on the life and battery of your mod.


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