A website is the face of a brand representing its personality and traits. It is the platform that serves as the base of your online presence, and it is a major crowd puller. The basic concept behind having a website is to provide your customers with a platform to get connected with you and do business, attract potential clientele and build an everlasting relationship with them, and pitch for the audience and clients you want to target. All these motives will be served when your website has the qualities that will entice customers, provide them with what they need with convenience, and at their fingertips whenever they need it.

If you search for any professional web design company Abu Dhabi, you will notice some common factors that they will offer to a brand for its websites. Those aspects include smooth navigation, appealing design, easy to read and comprehend web design and text, high-quality visuals, and multiple device interfaces. By inducing these qualities, a website will serve its sole purpose efficiently, increasing the number of clients majorly and enhancing the ROI of the company.

Visual appeal

The outlook of the website is the first thing any searcher will encounter. The look of the website is its visual appeal. It serves as the factor that will retain a customer to the time he starts to read the content and to know about the brand. The images and the colour scheme used will say a lot about the brand hence you need to keep them in compliance with the brand’s identity, its purpose and functions, the products or services it provides.
The images used should be original and of high quality. Low-quality images used, create an extremely bad impression that can cost the brand a valuable customer.

Multiple device responsiveness

Internet browsing is not restricted to a computer, it is done on various devices that have different screens and features. A website needs to be responsive to multiple devices as now search engines also have this requirement to rank a website. Most of the browsing is done while on the go and it is essential for every element and feature of the website to be compatible with a diverse range of devices. Non-responsive designs are a major factor that a website fails to retain a customer.

Interactive design

This is the era of graphics, animations, and customer interaction. Make your web design happening. Create a variety of elements via visual effects or animation to give the website a dynamic and interactive feel. It should not be static and boring. Avoid pop-ups and unnecessary windows opening while browsing. Make interesting variations of various sections and features that give the customer an impression of the website being alive. Creative formative designs that increase the aesthetic appeal of the website as well as the interactive features.

Smooth navigation

Nothing can be more annoying for a potential client who is visiting your website than an irresponsive or a difficult navigation. Ensure that every feature is easy to find and is available with a click. Have a clear navigation bar with a visible search section so that a prospective client can easily get all the relevant and required information. Have a limited number of items on the menu and use the space in the footer area. A web design should not bombard the information on the customer or overwhelm him but provide clear and visible sections for a smooth browsing experience.
Restrict the information search to three clicks including the home page, avoid drop down menus, and ensure that clicking the logo directs the browser to the home page. Keep your home page simple with enough breathing space. It should not have a clustered effect.

Have a precise web copy

The content on the website should be easy to read and understand with proper highlighting of the main products or services. Important information should be presented to the customer in the beginning and text should have a readable font with enough visibility to cater to a wide number of audience. Create attractive CTAs that should have a persuasive tone, so that customers perform the required action.
Use minimum two and maximum three font styles and sizes to create a visually appealing content. Integrate font colours that are easily visible on the background and clearly outline the information which should be promptly available for the visitors.

White space usage

The white spaces play an important role in any web design to create balance and harmony. Avoid negative spacing, but ensure that there is enough breathing space. Maintain spaces between the words and various design elements to create a soothing effect to increase customer retention and stability. Play with the spacing to guide the customers to their required field, or the product information.


Attractive web design plays an important role in retaining a customer to a website. The web design will inform the browsers about the brand’s identity, its services, or products. It will create the ultimate feel of the website that will grab customers’ attention immediately until he takes any further action. While designing a website ensure that it is aesthetically attractive with a comprehensive web copy, multiple device friendliness, and an everlasting impact to serve the sole purpose of having an online platform.

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