The travel is the most ongoing activity in all over the world. As the technology make empowered to end user the similar thing is going to happen with “Travel Industry”. Due to the emerging number of mobile users, the travelers are relying on their smartphones more than ever when it comes to vacation.

Just clear this concept that your mobile app is not the same as your website. It would be of interest to only your current customers if your mobile is just an extension of your website. It is the prime foremost objective that app will attract the general public and raise your brand awareness but if you can come up with something really creative in ultimate benefited to allowing to put your brand name in front of them.

Booking Facility: When it comes to providing options the travel app should be rich from hotel room bookings to car rentals as all the necessities are required during a tour and it must be covered.

Navigation: User can navigate the various travel plans on app’s home screen as well as it can search  by Keywords, Location, Duration, etc

Deals and Discounts: It must be ensure by the travel app that both budget-conscious travelers and premium travelers are covered. Appeal with Unique deals and discounts to different segments of users.

Weather forecasting: On the traveling plans the Weather conditions always have a massive effect. Weather forecasting feature in an app is a great solution at all. A real-time climate forecast feature will help to travelers to book their trips without concern about the weather conditions.

Integration with social media: Using social media (Facebook, Google +, Twitter) or by email id the user can register as well as share their travelling memories such as videos and pictures with friends.

Payment Options: Integration with all payment alternatives such as master Card, Stripe, Paypal, etc. your clients get a possibility to pay for goods and services If your app is integrated with payment systems via their mobile phones instead of paying with cash, credit cards or checks.

Travel Packages and Plan: The travel app should an option for travelers to set and customize plan according to the demand. With all the additional details such as its description, photos , itinerary, Hotel, Site Visits, etc

Reminder: If any place is added in your favorites then Reminder will be shown every month. It can also be based on the criteria that whenever the price of the plan goes down.

Weather forecast: You can add into the app a number of valuable functions connected with weather forecast in ultimate benefit t make your app really useful.

Shopping Guide: An app with information about special offers and discounts will be precious indeed for those who can’t imagine travelling without shopping. You will receive short notifications and messages about discounts or new arrivals through your mobile app about the stores of the city they are currently in.

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