Many people got tired already from bug restaurants, an interest for new, cheap, and fast food keeps on growing. As a result, culinary experiments move to the streets, into food trucks. For the last few years, it is the most fashionable way to have a meal to buy it from a truck.

The level of dishes in such unpretentious drive-in-restaurants sometimes corresponds to restaurant standards. Pretty often, owners have an original idea in mind, and for consumers to have a snack in a shining or multicolored truck is already a practical ritual on the way back home from a club or during a quick lunch break – all these make a cultural asset out of a food truck, which, in its turn, makes America different from other countries gastronomically.

Yearly, a street food contest takes place in New York, Los-Angeles and other cities, which is Oscar Reward of the kind called Vendy Awards. This is why food trucks` owners try to come with something on this day so fast and tasty food lovers chose them. Therefore, poor choice is out of the question. Mexican food, Cuban, Hawaii, Korean, Italian, French pancakes and even Russian patties is not a complete list of what food trucks throughout the country from New York to Los-Angeles have to offer.

Actually, there are two food truck origin versions. Both of them have their arguments but attention is paid to different events, which are true. Followers of the first version say that two cultural traditions of the past influenced food trucks: chak wagons and street shoppy trolleys. The first ones were developed especially for making food with separate zones for crockery storage, its washing and making food. They accompanied cowboys in the trains along the Wild West. This capability of the wagons to make and serve food makes a direct ancestor of modern street trucks out of chak wagons. Charles Goodnight was the one who came up with this idea. It was impossible to make and even hot food in street shoppy trolleys. They served as shops with simple lunch out of meat pies, fruits and sandwiches for workers in big cities such as New York and Chicago. Such a purpose gets it up close with modern food trucks.

Second version ties food trucks up with lunch wagons of the 1880`s, Thomas Barkley from Worcester, Massachusetts was the one whom this idea belongs to. He was the one who began creating wagons for lunch sale. At first, there were two models – Owl and White House Cafe. Then Tile Wagon came up. All the wagons were beautifully done and it attracted customers to them. Later on, wheels were removed and they turned into fixed food wagons Kogi Korean BBQ and Roy Choi.

  • Modern food trucks, wherever they are, New York or Los-Angeles, have two things in common:
  • First of all, mix of culinary styles and genres. Traditional dishes in chiefs` hands turn out to taste completely different;
  • Secondly, promotion through social networks. Namely though Twitter or Facebook customers find out where their favorite wagon is now and when it is going to arrive into their area of living.

Wheels on meals owners treat them as good, with as much of care as chiefs treat their restaurants. And not only because they want to do what they love doing (cooking is the most important thing for them) or attract customers (who choose a dish first, then a truck). Reputation is very important for wagons owners. And Vendy Awards becomes the main criterion in many cases.

Would you like to try an original drink out of mint, pomegranate and ginger? Then go to Kelvin food truck. You will recognize it easily – smooth, blue and stands on Brooklyn Flea Market, Smorgasburg and in the Park near Brooklyn Bridge. Korilla BBQ food truck moves between Flatiron, Soho, Midtown and Dambo and is always glad to offer you taco with stewed pork, bacon, fried rice with kimchi, cabbage with kimchi, special barbeque and «Jack» cheese sauce.

Go to El Rey del Taco в Astoria for Mexican food (burrito, quesadilla, corn pones with chorizo, salted beef or chicken, coriander, onion and tomatoes).

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