Brand propaganda and Public image



We are living in an economic world of competitive environment. A company to establish its product and to connect with its target audience uses a lot of medium. One of which is Public relations. It helps to communicate effectively with its niche group and builds a good brand image in the market for its products.

Public relations works widely with new ideas and its implementation towards promoting the product and making it approachable to its audience. It is a two way process of understanding the brand and making it available to the public and on the other hand understanding its target and needs.

On the other hand, political PR has also become quite popular and demanding these days. A politician builds a nation. Whereas a political advisor builds the politician. He grooms them to be the best. A political Public relation adviser plays a very important role, as they help mix the vision with their advertising and campaigns. To bring out the best in public.

A political Adviser specialises in helping a political Aspirants, leaders and the political parties.

One of the topmost PR agencies in Noida, Delhi, NCR is MakeYouBig. There are various tools this PR agency uses to build an image of the company publically. Some of them are mentioned below:

Press releases: This is a document provided to the media managers by the company. It contains matter that helps to build a news story through different channels. It is always better to be in news rather than an advertising campaign.

Public events: A trending medium these days. A company organizes a public event like one min games, or quizzes etc. It also gives freebees. This kind of event helps in brand retention.

Direct marketing: This is again a very effective mode especially when it is for a product, which requires regular updates. This is done through newsletters and subscriptions.

Blogs: This is an excellent way of an organizations online presence. This medium talks about only the company’s field of expertise and its products. This can help you talk one on one to your target audience also.

Social Media: Facebook and twitter have a high brand value and using these social mediums helps the company a lot. It builds a huge network around and it is highly effective interactive medium.

All this above deliverables by MakeYouBig helps the company, party or an individual in the best possible way. Our experts do intensive market research in order to get the best results.

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