Don’t Sweat It – Botox Can Fix It!

On average, the human body contains between two and five million sweat glands. More are concentrated on the palms, the soles of our feet, under our arms, and on our face. When our body begins to overheat, the nervous system responds by altering out breathing patterns and blood flow. This, in turn, activates the sweat glands in our body and they will start to secrete chemical compounds and water to cool us down.

However, around two million people in the UK and Canada (and millions more elsewhere in the world) suffer from hyperhidrosis, which is better known as excess sweating. The overactive sweat glands in the bodies of these people can quickly lead to embarrassing moments and pure frustration.

For some people who suffer from hyperhidrosis, the ailment affects the entire body. For others, it only affects one or two particular areas, like the face or underarms. For those who suffer from overactive sweat glands, they can find themselves lying up on clothes to try and hide sweat marks and even foregoing makeup to avoid a sweat session from ruining their look.

Many people, in turn, avoid going out and try to stay in the air conditioner. But, even in a cool room, the normal bit of perspiration induced by nerves and anxiety can lead to excessive sweating when a person with the condition is faced with something that makes them stressed out. That’s why many people with hyperhidrosis don’t just try to avoid the heat, they also find themselves trying to dodge the pressures everyday society places on them in an attempt to avoid the embarrassment of excessive sweating.

However, let’s face it: You can’t live in a bubble, no matter how nice the air conditioner feels. That’s why many people are turning to Botox.

While many people think of Botox as a fix to fine lines and wrinkles, the reality is that Botox has many uses, from providing relief for foot pain to treating an overactive bladder. Now, it is being used around the world to address the problem of excessive sweating. Botox can be used to help with excessive sweating in the face, in the feet, or just about anywhere in between.

For those who suffer from excessive sweating, Botox can prove to be a fantastic solution with little to no side effects, which is great news for people who would otherwise find themselves huddled up by the air conditioner and hiding out from the things other people enjoy regularly.

If there is anything which is troubling you or you what to see seek advice on any facet of the therapy, or if you want to ascertain that whether your expectations will match the outcomes, then do make sure that you connect with Dr. Jarret Morrow MD Clinic at And our expert team will help you with Botox Injection in Edmonton to keep out sweat in every possible manner.


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