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In today’s life, every child and every parent wants that the child scores good in exams and to achieve this goal they need assistance and the coaching centre of Gurgaon plays a vital role in this. There are numerous coaching centres in Gurgaon, who provide tutors for IGCSE course. It is an international course. There are about 200 IGCSE affiliated schools in India and so the students need guidance in their studies and that is why they rush towards coaching centres.


IGCSE, the International General Certificate of Secondary Education is an academically studious, internationally used, focused, English language curriculum, presented to students to train them for IB and CIE A-level. To be prepared for IGCSE examination, you can seek help from IGCSE tutor in Gurgaon.

Examination Pattern:

  • Cambridge Primary, for 5 to 11 years learners
  • Cambridge Secondary 1
  • Cambridge Secondary 2, for 14 to 16 years learners. It offers students two courses: Cambridge O Level and Cambridge IGCSE.
  • Cambridge Advanced, for 16 to 19 years students who want the advanced study to get ready for higher education. It offers students two courses: Cambridge Pre-U and Cambridge International and A Level.


  • The IGCSE program provides freedom to students to choose their subject so that they can score good grades.
  • IGCSE is a flexible course and a balanced curriculum course of study.
  • The main aim of the assessment is that the students earn grades from A+ to G.
  • There is a choice between extended curriculum and core curriculum.
  • The core curriculum is for those students who are expecting to get C to G grades; the extended curriculum is for specializing in subjects and bit difficult who want to score from A+ grade to C grade.
  • It is better than IB MYP as it is customized for more multi-lingual and more multi-cultural audience.
  • It gives more emphasis on Technical subjects and English.
  • From all over the world most of the universities recognized it.
  • Students can submit an application to Foreign Universities in which ICSE and CBSE are not recognized.
  • If parents are NRI or planning to go abroad, this is the best option.
  • Avail enquiry-based and problem-solving approach to learning and teaching.
  • The assessment is conducted at the global level with international credibility.
  • Make student a good learner in this fast-developing world.

IGCSE Curriculum:

IGCSE course is dividing into 5 groups with different subjects to be select from each group. List of groups is as follows:

  • Group I: Languages (1st Language, 2nd Language, Foreign Language, etc.)
  • Group II: Humanities and Social Sciences (English Literature, Geography, History, etc.)
  • Group III: Sciences (Chemistry, Biology, Physics, etc.)
  • Group IV: Mathematics (Additional Mathematics, Mathematics, etc.)
  • Group V: Creative, Technical & Vocational (Computer Studies, Accounting, Business Studies, Music, etc)

To achieve good grading in IGCSE exams, the IGCSE coaching centre plays a big and important role. They prepare you and make you perfect in your subject which makes you capable of scoring high grades and increase the chances of going abroad and fulfilling your goal. You can also find online, the best IGCSE coaching centre in Gurgaon.

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