Top 10 Most Beautiful Places & Sights of India

1. Taj Mahal

When you first see the famous Taj Mahal in the reflection of the surrounding lakes, you have no choice. This place, although bordering on the kitsch, is simply an Indian gem number 1. The white building, decorated with jewels and black marble, is perfectly symmetrical and mainly built of love. And that’s just the beginning – there are nine more beautiful cities in front of us!

When the mausoleum is said, few will recall something as romantic and charming as the Taj Mahal. For his suddenly fallen wife, Sultan Shahjahan built it for love mixed with grief: construction began in 1630 and lasted 22 years. Today, the marble mausoleum is one of the seven modern wonders of the world.

2. Amritsar – Home City of Golden Temple

Amritsar also called as “The Lake of Nectar of Immortality” is the most important place in the Indian state of Punjab, and also the place where the most important sanctuary of the Sikhs – the Golden Temple stands. The white building complex houses a lake in which Harimandir shines – a temple completely covered with gold. Golden Temple is the famous temple in Amritsar where most of the Sikhs visit for the payers.

3. The pink city of Jaipur – a magnificent centre of history

The capital of Rajasthan –  Jaipur is the treasury of Indian history. You will find a number of important temples, fortresses and monuments, such as the fortress of Amber. The old town itself is breathtaking in itself – its houses are painted in pink and the whole centre is built according to the principles of the Old Indian architectural code Silpashastra.

4. Delhi – Capital City of India

It is not possible to miss to visit Delhi during India tour. A city full of mosques, fortresses and people is spiced with curry scent and ubiquitous smog – the great Indian cities, it’s no romance – ecology is a word they don’t know yet. Even so, do not miss the Red Fort from the sandstone, which represents the peak of the construction of the great Mughal. Here, visit the Harem Mosque.

5. Goa

Fascinating golden beaches with palm trees bent over the sea attract several million tourists every year. But beware – this place stretches along almost the entire coast of India, so you won’t really be able to complain about overcrowding.

6. Kashmir

Paradise on Earth – this is the nickname of Kashmir from all who have seen this beautiful territory with their own eyes. Nature is just perfect – the meadows are blooming and tulips and snowy mountains glow around. Unfortunately, in the eyes of Western tourists, Kashmir has become the seat of terrorists, so nobody comes here. The Indian territory of Kashmir is a relatively safe place.

7. Jodhpur – The Blue City

Indians like to paint the walls of the home with one colour – you can also go to the blue city after the pink city. It is Jodhpur, over which the vast fortress of Mehrangarh, one of the world’s greatest fortresses, rises above the blue streets. Spectacular royal chambers shine on the rock behind the thick walls, once serving the King of Marvar.

8. Cave temples of Ajanta and Ellora

The monumental cave temples of Ajanta and Ellora began to be sculpted by rocks by the ancient Indians as early as the 1st century BC. Why did they do it? They decided that it was the best place for a religious sanctuary inside the rock. The entire complex, with incredible sculptures and magnificent paintings on the walls of the caves, is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and is most impressive throughout India.

9. Darjeeling

In West Bengal, 2,000 meters above sea level, in the mountains where smog from Indian cities has not yet reached, lies Darjeeling. Perhaps all Indians love him for the pure air and the surrounding Himalayas. Darjeeling, also known as the Queen of the Mountains, is also famous for the Toy Train or its superb tea, which is grown on every free field.

10. Pushkar

Pushkar is surrounded by a great lake, which is, like many things in India, sacred. It doesn’t mean that everything you like is not thrown into it – it doesn’t matter in India. The cleansing bath of sins, which is to be done by every Hindu, then takes on a completely different form. There are 400 temples in the city, and the local market, where you buy horses and camels, is one of the largest in Asia.


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