Understanding the Multiple Advantages of the Gene Therapy



Gene therapy is supposed to be the method that effectively replaces defective genes with some healthy ones. Generally speaking, genes are actually the fundamental elements of heredity and play a pivotal role in the performance of bodily functions. This actually implies that defective genes could be causing malfunctions in your metabolic pathways that could trigger diseases that could be traced back to the typical human genetic design. We know that gene therapy could commonly be categorized into two kinds- the germline therapy and the somatic therapy. The somatic therapy is all about targeting the somatic cells for the purpose of gene replacement. The germline therapy involves the effective replacement of all the defective genes that are found in the reproductive cells.

At this juncture, it is important for you to understand that there is no cure as yet for genetic disorders and usually the treatment is just indicative that is the reason why there is a lot of distress in the field of medicine regarding gene therapy and its potential effects. Here are a few advantages of gene therapy.

The Pros of Gene Therapy

Gene Therapy Effectively Replaces Defective Cells

Human beings have always been susceptible to various diseases. With the discovery of an effective treatment and cure for one disease, another new disease would come into the picture. We are constantly facing the threat of more dangerous and new types of pathogens. Even though several diseases could be clinically treated, there is no cure and effective treatment for genetic disorders apart from the replacement of defective cells with fresh new and healthy ones. Gene therapy is used for this purpose.

In this context, you must know that Southern Blotting is an effective detection technique that is used for finding the targeted DNA sequences in any DNA sample in molecular biology. With the introduction of molecular techniques and several advancements in the field of disease gene identification, today molecular diagnostics is given more importance as compared to functional or biochemical diagnosis.

Gene Therapy Promises Huge Untapped Therapeutic Potential

The best thing about gene therapy is that it promises significant therapeutic potential. It may be able to optimize treatments for cancer. It is known for infusing genes effectively into cancer cells for making them more sensitive to radiation, chemotherapy, and other such treatments. Gene therapy introduces suicide genes into the cancer cells of a patient to give a pro-drug. It helps in the prevention of cancer cells from coming up with new blood cells.

Gene Therapy Is Best for Exterminating Diseases

Gene therapy would be targeting defective reproductive cells so that health defects could be eliminated for good. Individuals suffering from genetic diseases like Huntington’s disease, Parkinson’s disease, and even Alzheimer’s disease could experience great relief thanks to the gene therapy. It has the capacity to effectively eradicate and even prevent hereditary disorders like cystic fibrosis. It has the potential to treat and cure cancer, AIDS, and even heart diseases.


Gene therapy proves to be a boon for an individual born with certain genetic disorders. The patient could now lead a normal life by replacement of a non-functional gene effectively with a functional gene. With more and more studies, reports, and statistics about the success of gene therapy, maybe the public would be embracing the method in the near future. We need to wait and see how people start understanding this brilliant technology and the numerous benefits associated with the gene therapy.

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