Today, one of the rather popular trends is to build a business without leaving home. This is how freelancers, entrepreneurs, as well as small startups who cannot afford or simply do not want to rent an office work. However, if you work remotely or you have a small business, this does not mean that you have to remain within the confines of four walls.

A relatively new and unusual solution for those who want to have professional space without overpaying, is working in co-working.

There are five reasons why I will never work in an office again. Read the following article on the disadvantages of office work and the advantages of remote work.

What is it all about?

Many people think that office work is prestigious. Large IT-companies strongly support this idea, offering favorable working conditions, stylish office spaces, many buns like a gym and rooms for sleeping. Employers want employees to live at work literally. However, the golden cage remains a cage, whatever one may call it.
I still have to get up at 7 am and go to work overwhelmed entirely and sleepy. Every day to get to the office through traffic jams, spending on the road at least 40 minutes and this is at best. Dine in a hurry, trying to catch up to the end of the break, staying late at work because the company needs to execute the plan.
At some point, I concluded that office slavery is not for me. I have been working full-time at home for three years now, and I have no desire to return to the office. This workflow has dramatically improved my life, and there are five reasons for this.

The first reason: I create a working atmosphere

Working remotely, I became much more productive and all because I can work in the most comfortable conditions for myself. For example, I like to sit in a cafe and create in the company of coffee and music. Alternatively, I can stay at home if it is raining outside the window and the wind knocks you down. My work is not bound to a particular chair. There would be a laptop and a stable Internet, and everything else – conventions.

Reason Two: You can forget about the alarm clock

I am a night owl, and I can do nothing about it. To get up at seven in the morning is a real punishment for me. Throughout their lives, owls need to adapt to the morning regime, which is why they do not become happier. Half a day you go like a zombie, and when it is ready to work, it is time to go home.
Owls have the following features.

According to numerous tests, owls are creative and interested people.
In the morning, owls are useless, but in the afternoon and evening, their performance is the best.
Remote work allows such owls like me to regulate their working day themselves. Often you can see me at a laptop and two and three in the morning. I finish work late, and I sleep calmly in the morning, while the cubicle drones hurry to workplaces.

Reason Three: no traffic jams

I no longer have to spend a lot of time on the way to work and back. Just think, for almost seven days of your life are down the drain every year. I calmly work at home or in a cafe, which is 15 minutes away. By the way, this is also an opportunity to warm up a little, as you always have to sit at the computer, which is not good.
I do not have to survive every day on a crowded bus or subway or burn gasoline while standing in traffic jams. Remote work saves time and money, and this is its great advantage.

Reason Four: I control my time and myself

Working remotely, I can manage my time myself. For example, in the first half of the day, to do some of their daily activities, and in the evening to sit down at work. Because of this, I manage to do sports, photography and perform work tasks on quickly to finish lunch before the end of the break.
I cannot say that I can plan my day well, but I strive for it, and remote work helps with this.

Reason Five: Solid Savings

Remote work is beneficial to both employees and employers. Working outside the office, I do not have to spend money to get to the office, lunches, constant snacks with colleagues and matching the dress code – yes, working at home or in a cafe does not require a white collar and a tie. At the same time, the employer does not need to spend money on the maintenance of jobs; all communication with employees takes place online.

Some fear that with such a system, everyone will wander off to where it will fail to achieve a result. However, this is not the case, as many successful startups, whose staff consists entirely of remote employees, prove.
There can be many reasons for which a person chooses to work in a co-working way, from the complex and uncomfortable atmosphere at home, to not being able to meet with the customer on neutral territory. However, the main all the same are the infrastructure and efficiency.

For some people, remote work at home is rapidly reducing their social circle, and the lack of colleagues narrows communication skills. Man is a social being, to sit and work all day in solitude is difficult for him, communication is required. With this, co-working is very convenient, it is easy to find like-minded people close in spirit and views of people, there is always an opportunity to discuss professional topics and not to become weaker all alone. If you have few friends, and you need productive communication, co-working is a great way to join the stream!

Not idle for a freelancer are questions of self-tuning and self-motivation. Who has problems with discipline, who find it harder and harder to gather themselves together; work in co-working will be beneficial. Firstly, active and promising people will surround you, and this always motivates and inspires. When people are busy around the business, discussing, learning, and creating, then you too, inevitably, are pulling into the maelstrom of the thinking process. Efficiency and productivity sharply jump. Secondly, you will not have the number of temptations you have when at home. Well and thirdly, there you have the opportunity to find partners or customers without departing from the ticket office.

Above all, a great advantage of working in co-workings is the opportunity to gain new knowledge. Daily learning takes place by meeting new people and no matter what you are working on, be it a program code, site design or application development for Android, in a workplace you can meet someone who can help (of course not a fact, but possible). Also in our co-workings thematic events are often held, successful people are invited, who share their rich experience, lectures are given here, seminars and trainings of personal growth are held.
Of course, the escape from the office scares many. It is the fear of the unknown because no one wants to lose their jobs. Now people have one big advantage, which is mobility. Modern man is always in touch and ready to work almost anywhere in the world. To work, he does not need to have a soft spot for a specific address, chair, and computer. So why not take advantage of this opportunity? Go for it!

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Melisa Marzett is a freelance writer with vast experience in this area. Her fields of expertise vary due to the natural interest and time for self-development. Currently, she is working for reliable coursework editing website, and her job brings her and her audience joy and pleasure.

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